Sydney, New South Whales, Australia

Sydney, New South Whales, Australia

Description :

A watertight tunnel that carries 6 x 132kV cable circuits under Burrows Road in the inner Sydney industrial area of Alexandria, the Burrows Road Tunnel is 87m (285 ft.) long and 2.8m (9 ft.) in diameter. Dug in completely saturated (and contaminated) soil, construction of the trenchless, watertight tunnel demanded an on-site water detention and disposal system. The launch and receive pits were sunk eight meters into the contaminated soil.

Products Used :

PENETRON ADMIX was used for all concrete elements within both the launching shaft and the receiving shaft to protect against water ingress under the extreme conditions found at the site. All construction joints and pipe penetration within the shafts were sealed with PENEBAR SW waterstops, the formed tie holes were filled with PENEPLUG and PENECRETE MORTAR.